Axpire is a Fin-tech focused software provider that targets a wide range of enterprises such as Banking, Legal, Finance, Construction and others that might utilize their software.

Well, this sounds fine and dandy for corporations. But how can the AXPR token benefit you as an individual investor and spender?

Including targeting the enterprises listed above which will give utility to the AXPR token, aXpire is launching their new platform called PayBx in Q3 of 2021. This app looks to be the perfect bridge between cryptocurrency and traditional fiat as no additional cards are necessary to spend cryptocurrency as you seem fit. And everything is controlled by your smart phone app.

Why is this the right time to get involved?

aXpire has been working all throughout the bear market since the 2017/18 crash on development and have created a solid foundation and eco-system around AXPR that will boost its utility. And now comes the time for you, the individual investor to jump aboard and reap its perks. Within the next week as of writing, AXPR will be listed on UniSwap and staking will come into play. This will attract new investors that want to utilize these perks. And seeing as in the coming quarter PayBx is getting rolled out, the perks wont end there.


A fine place to start is to visit PayBx website and sign up to get access to PayBx at launch. And feel free to come into our friendly telegram chat to ask about the project or just staying up to date with announcements.